"Publish To Roblox As" changes Original Place Name

Regardless if you publish a game from your own develop section, or from group creations to anywhere; a group or your profile/your own personal games. It will change the name of the original game, it didn’t seem to disable the game or change anything like the platforms that can play the game. There might have been more that gets changed but this is what I found out so far.

If you have made changes to the game that aren’t the same as the current game, and when you publish it appears to work as intended. Those changes only save to the new created game, and I haven’t test if it still bugs if you publish to an already existing game.


Could you outline one way to reproduce this step-by-step? It’s unclear what you mean.


Go to any game you can edit, go inside studio for that game, under file > publish to roblox as > create. Create a new game, doesn’t matter if it’s under your profile or a group.

You can set the Name inside the create game, to anything.

It will change the original place’s name, to the new name of the new place you just created, so the name will both be the same instead of the original place’s name staying the same.

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When you publish a game using “Publish To Roblox As”, and choose the name of the new game you want, it will change the game you’re publishing from’s name as well as the new place. Everything else stays the same, like the description, but the name changes. This is often a disruption when I’m publishing to make a testing game, and all the players see the name “testing” as the main game. It happens 100% of the time, in groups and on profiles.

This bug started happening when the new publishing ui was added, like a week ago or two I think. I have all my beta features off in studio as well.

I was publishing to my profile, and the main game changed like this.

I then tested it again on my profile, and it happened again.

To clarify, I was creating a new game, not publishing to an exisiting game.

Go in any place and click “Publish To Roblox To” in File on the top left, and create a new place by staying on the page it gives you. Give the new game a different name and publish. Both places will then turn to the new name, which isn’t the behavior expected. I was able to do this 100% of the time. This works on both group games and user games.



Ever since Roblox updated the publish window in Studio, there has been a bug where when you publish to Roblox as a new place, it will change the name of both the place you copied from and the place you are creating. It happened to me a couple days ago with a small testing game, but today it happened to me with My Droplets. My Droplets was named “testing” for a good few hours… :woman_facepalming:

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open an existing place
  • Publish to Roblox as
  • Publish it.

I can confirm that this happened to me as well. I was copying a place from testing to production, so like the above posts
I hit Publish to Roblox As in the testing place owned by a group
I created a new production place for it on my profile, all in the publish menu, and I published
And the name was changed on the testing place, but the production place was also successfully made

Well this is annoying. Turned Vesteria into “Untitled Game”



Apologies for creating a new place overwriting the name of an existing open place. We have identified the issue and a fix should be deployed in the next release.