Publish to ROBLOX doesn't always publish - Team Create

So this is something I’m noticing happening quite often in Team Create. When you go to File > Publish to ROBLOX, it writes in the output “Sent message to server to publish,” but nothing ever happens.

I’m using macOS 10.11.5 and the latest version of ROBLOX Studio.


Same here, waited over 20 minutes and it still didn’t update even after 40 or so calls.


I can add some more detail to this.

I was working in Team Create earlier when I noticed things that were in Studio were not in the live game. So I added a version number to make sure that the game instance I was running was the one I had published in Studio.

And it was…

Yet it began printing things

that I had deleted in Studio before incrementing the version number.

I then quit Team Create and played the game again. The version number was again correct and now my changes had saved.
This is odd behaviour. What I assume is that only the workspace is being saved by publishing (this is where the version number is), and that other services are not being saved. StarterGui/PlayerGui is where that print was coming from and the updates only carried over when I quit Studio.
I cannot say whether or not other other services are also not being saved.

Did you have script editor windows open? Your updates to scripts won’t be published (otherwise you’d have incomplete edits being published every 5 minutes.)

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Aargh yes that would be the problem solved. I’m such a Team Create noob! :sad:


I think it should be more obvious. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you having this problem with something other than scripts? If it’s just scripts, then are you sure all of the script views are closed, as 0xBAADF00D mentioned.

Earlier on, I had some code that was all fine and running. Closed studio with the scripts still open and somehow it didn’t save it to the Team Create session; other people were still on the session as well. Turns out I also had a RecentSave of the place with the code I lost, still an annoying bug (or intended feature?)

All the other changes I made to non-script items saved though.

I think this lead to a modulescript of 300 lines not saving.
Opening the place later made it be the default modulescript content.
Apparently the “don’t publish while editing” can lead to (lots of) data loss…

The funny thing is, that it saves the full place (with the scripts which are being modified by your self) to RecentSaves just fine.

I checked that folder, nothing there related to the place from doomsday (yesterday).

RIP several hours of work because Team Create doesn’t want to save a script

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