Publish Whole Game is sharing same linked sources with original

Publish Whole Game is supposed to be producing a self contained game of your development game at the time you click this option. This means all your linked sources should have been copied and included into the newly produced game.

This is not the case. When I use this option and make changes to the scripts in original game, the newly published game is affected as well. This defeats the purpose of the Publish Whole Game option.



Nah, don’t think so. The issue I reported was to do explicitly with groups, and was to do with LinkedSources not loading properly (therefore not running).

I think this issue is more to do with LinkedSources having changes made when they shouldn’t be.

I don’t think he ever told us whether it was a group or not.

Doesn’t really, matter, though, cause it’s still a different issue.

Could I get some answers as to what would happen to this issue? I really can’t use linked sources at all if this is not addressed. What is the future plans like for linked sources?

I am kind of disappointed that there is no feedback on this issue from Roblox representatives. I kind of see this as a major misleading issue. I feel like if Linked Sources are so buggy and legacy as other people put it, it should just be removed or put a big warning side what the current limitation and problems are with this feature.

I have decided to resort to private modules instead of the linked sources going forward…

While linked sources can’t yet be open-source or used by others*, private modules ability to be required by other games can be misleading, specially when a new developer tries to read the wiki and worries about their code being stolen, and I’m not even sure if that’s officially supported. If linked sources are buggy, post a bug report, if they lack something (they do), post a feature request, but you can’t simply remove a feature other people use.

*do not have write access, and thus no read access (usually the ones that can’t edit the universe).

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