PublishAsync with MessagingService gone wrong!

The rate of publish requests exceeds the allowed limit." Please retry after -2147483648 seconds.
I’m publishing a message using messaging service, only once (I printed before it) and it is returning with this error after I call the function. Has anyone ever encountered this issue before?

Commands.announce = {Function = function(Speaker, Message)
    MessagingService:PublishAsync('Announce', '[SERVER]: '..Message)
end, Priority = 1, Description = 'some description noob'

This might prove to be useful for this particular problem. I’m not sure if anyone else has any other information but this is currently what I know.

No :confused: not sure. I can’t find this bug anywhere or what could be causing it…

I’m running into this issue right now; Thanks to @NovusTheory I understand why it’s an issue. But how do I continue using MessagingService? I’ve waited about a half an hour and I still am receiving the error (well, now it’s just a print thanks to pcall)
Here is the code
Here is the output

Note: It’s almost been an hour now, and it’s still giving me this error.

Edit: I’ve checked the forums, the wiki, I’ve googled it and I’ve asked around; I can not find anything about this. Any help would be appreciated.

I just figured it out! If anyone else has this issue, just change the topic name!
NewOrUpdatePartyInvoke – was my topic name!

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