Publishing a plugin should automatically update it

To update a plugin, I need to publish it, then wait for that to finish, then open the plugin manager, then wait again until the manager detects I updated my plugin, update my plugin, save and close out of whatever place I have open (because apparently the plugin doesn’t update unless I do that), and then test the plugin. I’ll probably repeat this cycle less than a minute later.

My development process would be greatly sped up if any plugin I published was also updated automatically. Even avoiding one window would make plugin developing less of a pain.

Please consider adding this, and thanks!


A huge second to this.

Personally, my methodology is uploading it as a local plugin, but unfortunately this is only effective when you are first developing a plugin or you need to do frequent testing. Ideally this method can help you, OP.

Regardless, I think autoupdating your own plugins when you upload them is a must – if I publish my own plugin, I expect to have the latest version right off the bat.

In an ideal case, I’d like this to be the case for all plugins so that developers never miss out on the latest version. The update feature always seems to be out of the way, especially for lack of any notifications regarding the need to update.