Publishing No Longer Publishes / Incorrect Version Histories

After Roblox released the update for Studio that introduced asynchronous publishing, my game has failed to update when I publish to another game. We have two places we use - one is a TeamCreate for editing the game itself (and for rollbacks in case something goes wrong) and another is the main game where all our players actually go to play it.

In other words, I’m using Publish to Roblox As… to publish a place that isn’t the same as I’m editing. In a sense, I’m transferring.

Oddly enough, Studio says the publishing was successful, yet it clearly wasn’t, as I join my game in a fresh server via empty VIP servers made by friends and it still has our old version. We keep track of our versions via a simple number system. For example, the current version we have is 2.8.2, but the one we want to push is 2.8.2B.

I’m aware the Studio update was for non-TeamCreate instances, but it seems to be that the overall update broke something on Roblox’s end. This bug is 100% reproduceable with my Studio build and game.

Below are some screenshots:

Studio says the update was completed and successful.

The version history says otherwise. Even weirder, it shows an update of some kind, but the timestamp is way off. If I remember correctly, Roblox’s website time is based on PST unless they changed it to local. I’m on EST and the current time is definitely not 2 in the morning. I tried publishing three times, all of which were at 9 PM.

Links to places used:

To reiterate, Studio says publishing was successful, but going into the updated game reveals it is still running on an older version with funky version(s) displaying in the Version History tab.

Acknowledged and attempting to reproduce.

EDIT: Unable to reproduce. Moving to DMs.

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I was working on a post about this when you published this, but I’m experiencing the same thing I think.

We have turned off Async Publishing. Please restart Studio and verify.

Will do. I’ll edit this reply as soon as I get to it to report my results.

EDIT: My lead programmer / co-developer Coasterteam published the game successfully.