Punching animations appear different in game

I need to fix these animations to make sure they run the same in the animation editor as they do in game:

(ignore the video quality i had to compress it)

As you can see, the animations play differently in game then in the animation viewer, and im not sure why

So far I have tried:
changing the weight of the animations, changing the idle for the punch tool, adding the RbxLegacyAnimationBlending attribute to workspace as a bool and setting it to true, and ive also tried making each punch animations animation priority be action2


Can you show the section of the script where animation is played/setup ?

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Oh! huge oversight from me :sweat_smile:, I had the weight being set to Play(.05, 0.8, 1.4), but I now changed it to Play(.05, 1, 1.4). Thank you so much for pointing this out for me, you genuinely saved me from worrying about this so much!

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