Puppet Combo type Horror Game?

So I am a big fan of Puppet Combo style games. So I tried making something similar to how Puppet Combo looks, it came out pretty good but I need some ideas on what to add

The game I am making will be called Motel Massacre and will be based at a Motel with a killer on the run.


The characters camera bounce should be a bit slower. Actually, alot slower.


I like it! The style is really cool. Of course more atmospheric items will help with the immersion, maybe make the game more quiet? Sometimes unusually quiet and dampened sounds can be more unsettling than loud abrupt ones.

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Looks very nice!

I would use a better looking car mesh, other then that, Great work!

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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that’s pretty good! should probably slow down the bounce on when he’s walking, you should also add sound effects to the dialogs


oh no ofcourse! the car sound just lasts for a little while! After that it does go pretty quiet. But thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it :smiley:

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