Puppy Diner Interview Guidelines

Puppy Diner Interview Guidelines

Interview Questions

1 | Why do you want to work at Puppy Diner?

2 | Do you have experience in jobs like this?

3 | How can you help Puppy Diner?

4 | How active are you? (on a scale of 1 - 10)

5 | How good is your grammar? (on a scale of 1 - 10)

6 | If someone was trolling, what would you do?

7 | If there was a hacker/exploiter, what would you do?

8 | If you are unsure of how to make a dish, what should you do?

9 | Do you agree not to abuse your rank?

10 | Is there anything else you want us to know?

Interview Procedures:

Hosting Interviews

If you’re hosting a interview session, it is mandatory that you announce it at least twenty minutes before the session begins. Please use the following template:

Interviews | Hosted by: [your name] | [time] [timezone] If you want a job at Puppy Diner, be sure to come on down to our Interview Center!

Hosts must be ranked Administrative Department or higher, and co-hosts and interviewers may be ranked Supervisor or higher.

Instruct all session attendees to sit down. Staff must line up on the stage, with the host and co-host at the front.

When it is time to begin, lock the server, and then announce the following information in your own words:

  • a greeting to the interview session
  • state that you are about to go over the rules
  • name the rules, one by one:
Staff must be listened to at all times. Trolling, unprofessional behavior, and lack of grammar are forbidden at the session. During the entire session, neither staff nor session attendees can be AFK for any amount of time (exceptions can be made for personal emergencies at staff discretion)
  • Next, wish all attendees of the session good luck, and begin the interview session.

All staff should claim one office and interview one or two candidates at a time. Please utilize the :pm command so that session attendees will not be able to copy other responses.

Scoring Procedures

Passing Criteria:

  • 2 or less incorrect questions

  • 2 or less grammar mistakes

Passing Procedures

Using the chat, tell them something like this:

Congratulations! You have passed the interview! Please stay in this server while I promote you!

Take a moment to rank your interviewees, and then kick them with a message similar to the following:

Great job, you have passed this session! Make sure to read the staff rules and guidelines, and you can start working at our diner!

Failing Procedures

Using the chat, tell them something like this:

Sorry, but unfortunately you have failed this interview session for [insert reason here]. You are free to try again. Good luck next time!

Kick them with a message similar to the following:

Sorry, but you have failed this session for the following reason: [insert reason here]. Good luck next time!

Command Help

  • Lock the Server - use :slock

  • Announce - use :h [message]

  • Kick - use :kick [username] [reason]

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