Purchase Handler for Commissions, GFX'S, Art, etc! Open-source

This will help you handle your commisions, this was made a while ago.
If you wanna look how it works (it was updated a bit, but yeah.) here’s a post:
Purchase Handler with GUI for GFXs, Art Commissions, etc - DevForum | Roblox

This supports also DisplayNames (usernames will show under the person’s name).

Here are the files you’re gonna need, you’re also gonna get YOUR userId, keep that in mind. You’ll also have to configure and make a developer product.

You’re supposed to make two places, and make the main place where the players buy the commision, and then the other one that will be the GUI on which you close requests and such.

main game.rbxl (30.1 KB)
private purchase handler gui.rbxl (39.7 KB)

First, on the main game, you’ll have to go under ServerScriptService and go on the “Script” and change this:

You’re gonna change it to your user Id, also, do you see the “secondPlace” variable in there? Change that number, to the ID of the second place, the one that you have the purchase handler.

Also change your userId from the handlePurchasing script!

Now, on the StarterGui, you’ll have to make your own GUI to fit the use of your stuff, be it, GFX’S, Art, but put your work there. Examples, whatever.

But, one thing you’ll have to change, is the prompt to purchase, if you end up using the same thing here, change the product Id on this script:

Now for the purchase handler place, you’ll have to change some stuff in there too!

Like before you’ll need your userId.

On the AllowedJoins script, you’ll have to insert your userId here:

That’s pretty much everything you need to change.

What’s the advantage of this?

Well this is supposed to lock people from purchasing your products multiple times and also keep track of who bought what.
sUpPpOrtS dIsPlAyNaMeS!

but yeah, if you get income or just want to donate, as I’m not getting anything from this, you can donate here.


By the way, I didn’t show this on the old post, but it also has a little warning telling you if the person bought it a while ago.


What?? This is so cool! Ill definitely use it!


If you ever need support or any new features, that you or anyone else wants/needs, you can reach me out for that.

If you do use it of course;


Hey, nice commission handler. I like the GUI’s for it and such, nice job! I will definitely be checking out more of your content.