(Closed) LucasMZReal | Advanced Scripter (Back-end)

About Me

I’m LucasMZReal, I started scripting in 2018 or so, recently came back to developing in October 2020.
I can speak Portuguese and English.


As of now, I don’t have much work that is shown off to people, the ones that are, are usually older.
However, here’s some stuff:


I am usually available in weekdays from about 19:00 up to 00:00.
On weekends, mostly sunday, I am usually available all day.
This doesn’t stop you from contacting me in the middle of the day. It just means I won’t be working on another hour periods.

Timezone is BRT.


I only accept :robux_light: for payment. Price is negotiable.

Terms of Service

I would like to simply state that if you don’t pay me, I have the full right to not deliver the product to you. Depending on what it is, I will send you a picture of progress, or how it looks.

Also, you need to send me your Roblox account if you’re going through Discord before anything.


You can contact me through Discord or the DevForum!

My Discord account is: LucasMZReal#9513.


I’d put your timezone here, people won’t exactly know what timezone that is lol!

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Also how is it 7pm 8pm 9pm and then 12pm? Isn’t it supposed to be AM?

No lol, it’s for some reasons but yeah.

It’s Brazilia Time, I don’t know exactly the name in English, just a second, I’ll put it there.

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What do you mean? I got really confused. It should’ve been 12 AM, not 12 PM right?

Around 8PM until 12PM.

I don’t have access to a computer before this.
(Except for weekends.)

12PM? Isn’t that 12 AM? Or it should be 8 AM to 12 PM.

He said PM. What is there to not understand?

12 PM is noon, you eat lunch. 12 AM is nighttime. And he said 8 PM, which is near to nighttime. That’s confusing.

No it’s not, he works from 8 in the night to midnight. That doesn’t seem wrong.

Bro, midnight is 12 AM, not 12 PM.

No :sob:

I live in a 24 hour clock, therefore that’s 19:00 through 24:00.

Okay I know this is a weird conversation and I’m going to stop, just saying.

What part of this are you not understanding @PandaLikesCaps , he works from 8 IN THE NIGHT to MIDNIGHT. I KNOW 12 pm is afternoon, and I didn’t say that ANYWHERE in my post.

I updated it to show 0AM nstead. (Ik that’s wrong, just to clear up confusion, I’m usually still there until 1AM anyway.)

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@PandaLikesCaps I love how there is a whole 14 replies debate on time. Lucas did definitely get the time wrong originally. Should of been 7/8/9pm to 12am all along really. 0am is confusing and at that point, I’d rather refer to it as 0:00.

Anyways, I haven’t worked with Lucas but he’s a really nice person and is good to talk with. He’s got a large amount of experience with scripting and he is definitely the right person for anyone looking for a scripter.

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I highly recommend @LucasTutoriaisSaimo as he has helped script one of my games and has made a couple of things I would not have been able to make. He’s a very good scripter and I would definitely recommend others to work with him.


Comissions are now re-opened, you’re safe to send a request via Discord.

You’re more likely to get answered via Discord than the DevForum, but you can use the DevForum if you absolutely need to.

I would like to also remind people that I don’t do long-term projects.
I also do more back-end than front-end code. Meaning, I do mostly stuff that the client doesn’t interact with.