Purchase Links || Unwanted

The Problem
So I have used 2-3 free models in my game. But now when I test the game it keeps pulling this up:
Is there anyway to get rid of this message? If so, how can I find it? Is there something I can search for in Explorer?

Thanks in advance,

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Try doing a global search (Ctrl + Shift + F) for PromptGamePassPurchase. Delete whatever script that is in.

Do Ctrl+Shift+F and search for anything using the “MarketPlaceService”

Seems Nucl3arPlays beat me to it by a second or two. His is gonna work better since that’s a gamepass product.

@Nucl3arPlays @chexburger

Same thing with MarketPlaceService

I’d suggest this plugin. Seems to be used a fair amount. Should find most malicious scripts. If that doesn’t work search for things like loadstring, require, luraph, etc. and see if anything else comes up.


Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! It’s all fixed.

mark it as a solution so people know that this issue has been solved