Purge Troopers GFX

How do you guys like this? It took a few minutes 20-30 minutes to make it, please comment one what you like or what I should change. (Changed with lightning effect)


Wow dude. This is pretty cool. Can you make the lasers on the end of the poles red, like the Sith? Maybe you could also add a little more to the background. It does look really nice though.


It does look good, but perhaps add a snowstorm effect as well as darker lighting.


The neon emissions are cool and so as the layout of the scene. What I would recommend doing is to add in more contrast with darker tones of shadows and add this would add in a bit more debt of field. Also adding PBR martials to the snow and maybe the battel ships and troops armor maybe have PBR texture martials which have scratches to make it more realistic. Anyway, Its is very good looking. I don’t know if this is made on blender or in studio so I don’t know to improve to it but those are my suggestions. :smile:

  • Hope this helped

Hmm… idk, you can’t see the textures that well especially the helmet designs so it would make it weird.

Mhm, maybe I will, but then I wouldn’t use a roblox rig, and use a real body rig

No, thats not lore, its supposed to look like this, I didn’t wanna add lightning, idk why image

The purple lasers are just a bit too solid, try lowering the solidity.

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Looks cool! I would suggest editing the terrain, as it looks a bit plan. Maybe add more land with bumps and holes, or get a different texture. I also think the ship or whatever is in the back is a bit plain and confusing. Awesome work though!

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true, but eh… i didnt save the thingy