Purple Themed Homestore Design Set Thumbnail and Logo

Hello, thanks for checking this out, these are designs I made around 4-6 months ago for a clothing group called Sub’s Wear.

Sub's Wear 4


Wow! This set of art is so eye catching, the colors are perfectly picked and they match with the whole vibe of everything. I would defo click on the ad. Great Job!!!


These look very nice, the neon colors especially green and purple are wonderful, good job!

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these are amazing!
I can’t believe someone like me can make eye-catching stuff!
Good job dude, very cool.

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Thank you very much for the nice comment.

Thank you, I chose those colors specifically for the client :slight_smile:

Looks legit nice!

But the picture in here looks kinda dark, expecially the front, try brightening up the front, and them ofc darkening the back a bit, that could make a good constrast to it

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Thanks for noting that out, I did try to add contrasts, it’s already there, but maybe I should do more?

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I guess you should though, it’ll work it out great

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Try to denoise it, there seems to be a ton of noise.

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Which one has a ton of noise? I’ll try my luck, those were one of my first renders after all haha

The 4th pic (thumbnail) and 6th (skyscraper advert). Turn on Cycles OptiX denoising if you have an NVIDIA card since it works well.

The 4th pic is photo manipulation, it wouldn’t make sense for there to be a ton of noise on it.

The background is a picture from the game taken from studio, but the character was rendered, how is there noise on there.

As for the ad I do see some noise I will try your method.

Screenshot 2020-11-23 012946

Isn’t that the texture of the pants.
That’s not noise :thinking:

I’ll show indepth soon