PurplePalms Interview Guide

PurplePalms Interview Guide

                           ---Interviewer script---

Hello! I am (Your name here), and I will be your interviewer for today!
Is there any questions you have before we start?

  1. What position are you seeking?

  2. Why are you seeking this position?

  3. Have you had any past experience in a job like this? What groups?

  4. In a scale 1-10, how active are you?

  5. Why should we hire you over others?

  6. Are you willing to put the time and effort into this position/job?

  7. In a scale of 1-10 how well is your grammar and punctuation?


5 grammar strikes = Fail
Low effort answers = Fail
Troll answers = Fail


Let them know they failed and tell them to try again. Run this command after “;kick (username) Failed interview. Try again at the next session”.


Let them know they passed and tell them to go to the next training session to get their full rank.
Run this command after in discord “;passedinterview (full-username)”