Pushback Plane system

I’m making a plane game, I’ve already made the plane systems and all, but there is one thing essential part of any plane or airport system, A pushback vehicle.
What have I tried?
I’ve welded a few vehicles to the plane while the plane is unanchored,
I’ve also looked at many dynamic Roblox physics posts none of them helped,
What do I really need?
Not really a script, As I’ve made all the systems, all I need is a way like welding the vehicle to the plane or something,
(Just to clarify, I’m making a pushback tug like the ones here)
Screenshot 2022-08-06 at 6.24.41 PM
(Picture Model made by sam_0987654321best)

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try using rope? (11111111111111111)


Not exactly working, yes it attaches, but if there was some way to add torque onto the vehicle seat, that’d be nice

And yes I know there is torque in vehicle seats, but they don’t exactly work

Is your vehicle seat scripted? You can increase the torque from there.

With the rope constraint your vehicle must have enough power to pull the plane, unless you make your plane incredibly light (lower its density in custom physical properties).

You could have the plane gear be on hinges with an incredibly low friction weight as well as also having multiple invisible small radius wheels then you can use a rod constraint which is attached to an attachment that is parented inside the moving part of that hinge at the front. Alternatively, instead of a visible rod constraint, you could also weld it to the nonfixed part of the hinge to the plane. The plane’s front gear however will work by using attachments (important, parented to the free spin part) which essentially gives you 2 axis of freedom. the y axis for rotating the wheel and the z-axis for well, actually rolling. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about with the planes landing gear (essentially just a glorified shopping cart)
planeGearExample.rbxm (7.6 KB)

Those type of vehicles is known as “skid-steer” vehicles. It’s actually very easy to make cars in Roblox assuming you don’t care about the suspension. Here’s some pseudocode of what that would look like for the vehicle.

seat is changed ->
  let turn =  --might wanna lower by half
  let throttle = --iirc steer and throttle are already between -1 and 1 but make them that

To add on, make sure your wheels have a bit of friction and high density (about 10)

Hm lemme see, So my plane has a vehicle seat, and the tug has one, let me see if they work, with higher torque as I said before I did try increasing the torque of the tug but it did not really work.

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