Pushback Tug Model

This was made using Roblox Studio and Blender and took about a week to complete
(I made everything including the wheels) Feedback is appreciated

More pictures


As the owner of a big airline in ro-aviation, this looks nice and realistic! The size is also perfect. Would definitely consider buying. The model itself is extremely good. For some extra brownie points, I would say to add some beam headlights for extra visual effects, and also to perhaps add some textures to the wheels/tyres and some of the cabin items such as the seats to make them even more realistic. This isn’t really necessary though.


I definitely would of added textures to the tires and seats although I’m not really good at finding textures but I’d definitely consider adding beam headlights to it

also not sure if this violates the advertising tos but if you wanna buy it will be available in zerotech once it’s done scripting

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I’m not a big fan of small scale builds bit this pushback tug is quite amazing.

The attention to detail in the interior and exterior is very well done. Best of luck!

I’m currently looking for a pushback tug (thats how i came across this post) and I am asking u if u could make this public model?

Questions about the tug
  1. Does the tug work?
  2. If it works, what is its max speed, horsepower, etc…
  3. Can it really get attatched to a plane?

SammyTheBestRoblox#4745 dm me discord if you’re still interested in the tug

Added some extra detail to it

MY friend Workspace DMed you, his name is Workspace#1555