Put video on game?

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So I have seen this game from a video on YouTube before, basically the Roblox game was a movie theater that contained a large screen displaying a video from YouTube. I have no idea how they did this, does anyone know? Just curious.

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They most likely used a beta feature called “VideoFrame”. It allows you to add videos in.


I do think this is more of a Scripting Support question but the simple answer is: Modified Roblox Studio. There is a tutorial about this here.


Oh ok, I wasn’t looking for scripts, I was just curious if any knew.

Yeah, this is a DevForum problem. Not enough categories to cover everything. Just be careful when adding mods to RS.

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Oh I wouldn’t. There are to many malicious downloads.

I’m talking about using the content in the provided link, everything in there is trusted but can break RS.


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