Putting models into server storage

Hello! I’m currently developing a Hunger Games arena and the launch rooms are pretty damn detailed.
Recently i thought about an idea to reduce lag when players enter the arena and I hope that some of you can answear if thats a good idea.

So in the image 1 you can see one launch rooms. The tributes rise up and they get teleported to the podiums in the image 3 after touching a neon block in the image 2. They will never see or go to the launch rooms again so I thought that when they get teleported to the podiums i can make a script than than puts the launch rooms to ServerScriptStorage or to ReplicatedStorage or it simply just deletes them. What option is the best and would reduce the most lag? (the launch rooms together are about 10k parts)
Image 1

Image 2
Image 3
If you didn’t understand something please let me know. I’ll try my best to explain it even better. Thanks!

I think you’re talking about dynamic loading and removing parts of the map.
If you’re confident that you won’t need that anymore, you can simply destroy it and cap the hole they came from.

You can always put the model inside serverstorage to clone it again if you need it.


Thanks for the answear! Thats exactly what i mean. After they rise up they are never going to see them anymore.