Putting UGC items on sale

So I am back again and want to put my UGC item that was taken off sale ( the person who I payed to upload broke some roblox tos so I got punished for it ) and now it says " Subscribe to Premium 1000 or Premium 2200 to unlock the ability to place 3D UGC on Sale." So if I get premium could I put that item on sale? And admins please I literally do not know where to put this in the category and you keep deleting my topics and replies.

If the item was deleted by Roblox staff you will not be able to re-upload it. The thing it shows on the bottom is Roblox plan for 2024 to allow UGC uploading to all users (who have Premium 1000 or Premium 2200).

If the item was not Content Deleted then you can put it on sale by subscribing to one of these Premium stages.

alright thank you it was not content deleted just off saled

I have premium and it is still not working… Any ideas what I should do now? I do not want to pay some one to reupload for me because that’s such a hassle

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I’m not quite sure but I’ve heared that you must verify your ID or something.

It could be because your subscription maybe it says “Premium 1000 or Premium 2200” Let me know if you have resolved the issue though