Pvp game ideas I need your feedback

Hello developers!
I am currently making a pvp game where you will be stuck in a forest trying to look for a player to kill but like an updated version of… I forgot the name. But yeah I am adding 700 players server to this game but in order for it to get people and roblox to test this game due to the new feature do I need to advertise or what?
P.S I need your ideas on building design to and what shall I add to this massive forest?

  • to make a fun successful pvp game
  • What is the issue? I need ideas and players imagine 1 person in my map :joy:
  • What solutions have you tried so far? None yet its in developement.
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I think should add secret passageways around the map so you can get to places faster than others :slightly_smiling_face:


A large variety of trees, some ruins and caves, and maybe some secret areas with good weapons. Oh, and a LOT of terrain variation and subbiomes.


As someone already said, secret passage ways. Idk how big your budget is, but maybe creating a system of treehouses so you can cut straight across the map, but at the risk of being exposed. Additionally, stuff such as campsites and cabins on the floor. Also, for the game idea itself, maybe add functions to collaborate with the other non-target players. Maybe getting to add like a bounty on someone or something lol. Just adding ways to be conniving as the player.

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Thanks for the ideas I will consider adding them.

700 player servers? Maybe I have missed something but doesn’t roblox only support 100 player servers?

Take ideas from other games. Maps that are fun and unique whilst also aesthetically pleasing. Lots of cover to hide behind. Lots of terrain.

Hey roblox has extended from 100 to 700 it’s crazy search it.

That’s awesome. Anyways, add what others have said and I suggest adding cool scenery and good maps

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This isn’t a suggestion but a question. If your going to make a forest on a server with 700 players wouldn’t it be very laggy or is there a new update i’m unaware of.

It will be very laggy that’s why roblox hopefully be aware of this game and test it.

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You can advertise your game once it’s fully finished and if people actual enjoy it, if your wanting an different approach. Promote your game on twitter are good ways to gain players even if your wanting to sponsor your game on different devices that users tend to play on.

Firstly, if your game revolves around a type of survival open world game you should try including more worlds or props to make players travel more easy around the entire forest. Your game idea is sort of similar to “The Forest”, it’s more of a horror game if your game is focusing on trying to survive to make it to a part of the forest to be protected or something along the lines. I think you should, include different mechanics on how players will be moving around this forest.

Basic features that add hints other options arrows, signs, things to navigate users around the forest. I think if you have an actual gameplay, it’ll be more attractive to users that are interested in playing. What do you accomplish when killing players? If it’s more of a survival game I can see this idea fitting in.

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