Pyramid/Temple themed Obby

Hello everyone! Recently i’ve been working on this pyramid themed obby
My plan is to make it unique, but still resembling the Obby kind of games.

Here is some of the stages i made so far:


The game is not playable yet because i’m working only on the map at the moment

Please let me know if you have any feedbacks! Thanks!


This is amazing!
All the parts are like meshes.
It has good lighting.
The colors are good.

And it is just overall amazing!
Great job!


Thank you so much for the kind words! I tried using more “damaged” meshes to give the build more immersion


i honestly love the build especially with the realistic-looking walls!


Thank you! I used a PBR Material for the brick walls and a common texture for a more damaged/old looking

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Wow, that’s some talent. It looks amazing and I already want to play it just by looking at it. 10/10. how long did it take to make that?


What an excellent use of textures and lighting!

My favorite part of this by far is the fact that you have taken an overused category that tends to just be bright colored parts alongside red markers that are supposed to be ‘lava’, and putting a completely unique spin on it.
I would not be surprised if this ends up being a front page experience for years to come.

The only thing i’d suggest is that you swap the flames for something a little more detailed. I do not think it fits the mid poly build style thats present throughout each level.


Tysm! I started working on it about 1 week ago, there is 7 stages so far and the game will have at least 20-25 of them


Thank you for the feedback!

I totally agree with you. I’ll make sure to change the flames to something that fits
better, ty!

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