Pyrotenics | Modeler for Hire


Hi there! I am offering my services as a Modeler & LowPoly Builder. I have been studying games development for around 5 years, but I’ve been 3D modelling for 2 years, I use blender, As I’m extremely fluent with the software, I study Computer games design.

Here are my workshowcase




Information & Contact

If you need my discord add me, imperium#5951 I have more pictures and models.


You can contact me whenever fits you best on Discord, however I will only be working on commissioned works during the weekend for the foreseeable future.


Prices are negotiable and are job dependent, I price my work at how many hours I estimate it’ll take me to finish. I’m also seeking medium to long term employment as well, rates are disclosed privately.


FYI, I have more pictures. Dm me to get them.

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Like it them swords are the best,question how much time would you work for on projects?

Well, if it was big around 2-4 hours? It depends on what you need and want.

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Alright thanks for the respond man, nice job on your work :wink:

I didn’t said that it was 500 robux each.

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Can you give me a sense of what the prices are like? For something like the axe, is it nearer it 400, 4000, or 8000? I just want to see how expensive your surely “high quality” work is rounded to.

Axe is about 1,500 robux. If it is really detail then yep.

Wow, hese models look really clean and your building style has a really cool vibe to it! You should probably add more examples as there are only 5, which isn’t really enough to gauge your skills.

Amazing work, gets the job done fast too!
P.S. Modeled a few weapons for me, and bought all the weapons/items in the weapons category, here are all the models he made so far.


How much would you charge for around 8 guns along with 4 small tools? (Tazer, baton, etc)

Your discord name is not up to date.

yea you can contact me at p y r o#0001 sorry for the incovenience.

Would you be interested in making a golf cart for me? If so, estimate a price, please.

Hello! I tried adding you on discord, but your tag is incorrect. Could you add me? Harmless_Sound#6196

Your work looks amazing.

Sincerely Soundlikeyou.

Yea sure sorry.imperium#5951 there you go