Pyrotenics | Smooth Terrain Designer

Hello! I am Pyrotenics.
Today I am going to show my work of smooth terrain designing.

I’ve been making showcases of smooth terrain since last year.

I will update more hour by hour!



I would highly recommend working on your skills before opening terrain commissions as the posted examples are actually extremely easy to make by anyone and doesn’t really show any skills. Good luck though!


As mentioned above, you really should add more impressive work. Landscaping a detailed mountain or county/state (for a group, possibly) always looks great on a portfolio.


Mistakes like shown above or simple areas (like your flat island in ‘The Green’) may negatively impact how possible employers view your skills.

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Hey man, Keep at it! :muscle:


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As @YoIobeans and @AlvinPolys mentioned you should definitely update and finish your work before posting it here. They do not look like you have put much effort in them

I am sure that you can agree with me on that, I suggest you finish your works and then showcase them because that might make other people have a bad opinion on your skills.

By the way the second build you made looked way better.

The only suggestion I have is to add sand and other ground materials in the island because it doesn’t look good with just the grass material. Here is the first pic, created with grass material ony:
Now look at this one that I made:
See? Significant difference. I probably added a lot of sand in the 2nd pic but you get the point. I highly suggest you add details to your smooth terrains because it honestly looks like you drew something random in the terrain and added some palm tree free models.

TL;DR: Add more details to and effort to your builds and finish them before posting them here.


Thank you for your opinion. I will make more good showcases.

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The reason why you can’t suggest him improvements it is irrelevant. The fact that he didn’t do any work when he got hired by you doesn’t mean that you cannot give him suggestions. Please do not bring up irrelevant topics randomly in public portfolios, and the portfolio as you can see is being completed and he seems pretty new to smooth terrain designing, compared to his past works it is nothing too impressive. Also @Pyrotenics if I were you I would finish the smooth terrains when I had time and make sure to follow the public portfolio template and say that I have updated the portfolio with new works, pricing etc…

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I just update a workspace. I will be making more. You can check it out here.

That looks awesome, I suggest you add like a lot of snow at the top and a little bit down the bottom to look like a real actual mountain. You can do whatever you think looks the best, just a suggestion!

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