Q-Clash Minor Update - 4 July 2018



Minor Update - 4 July 2018

General Performance

  • Minor non-player facing changes made to backend. We have identified and corrected a few instances where server degradation.
    • Servers will still likely degrade over time, however we have introduced more metrics and have our eyes and ears the situation. Hoping to reach a more stable game by the end of this week.
    • Will update with more information when the graphs are compiled.
  • Addressed multiple memory leaks
    • Still a few more to go!

Balance Changes


  • Overheal
    • Reduced over heal decay rate from a loss of 14hp/s to 2hp/s
  • Autoheal
    • Increased auto heal rate from 14hp/s to 15hp/s


  • Staff

    • Reduced self heal while healing a target from 20hp/s to 4hp/s when below max health
    • Reduced self heal while healing a target from 11hp/s to 4hp/s when above max health
    • Reduced target’s heal rate from 25hp/s to 20hp/s when below max health
    • Increased target’s over heal rate from 50% to 55% (now 11hp/s)
  • Mother’s Wings

    • Increased cooldown time from 4s to 8s


  • Reduced the Scrap needed to upgrade Turret from 125 to 100
  • Turrets will now start constructing at 50hp instead of 1hp
  • Increased Turret turn speed by 25%


  • Revolver
    • Normalized secondary attack to no longer use higher damage ramp up. Max damage per shot is now 35hp (was 46hp).


  • Shifted the Clasher Rank system to introduce the “Blank Rank” as the first rank. New users will now start with the Blank Rank and will then level up into Bronze 1.
    • The entire Clasher Rank system has been shifted by one. This means if you were a Silver 2 Clasher, you are now a Silver 1 Clasher, however the level of progress you made has remained the same. This is because the new first rank has shifted everything by an order of one.

Thank you all for your patience, time, and feedback! There are plenty of ways we wish to improve the game soon (specifically balance changes) to make the game as engaging as possible!
To reiterate our first statement, our main focus this week has been stability over balance tweaks (nerfs, buffs, what-have-you).

We are loving the feedback and suggestions that have been made so far and welcome more positive suggestions if you have any!

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