Q-Cursors [Open Source]


Hey, you may have noticed by the format but I’m the guy who did that open source Re-Classic Kit, the one with the updated models as the big shlick (am I saying that right? shlick? Nevermind.). Some of these are inspired by @PlaceRebuilder’s R2DA Cursors, Others are completely Generic/Custom. These cursors were initially for Undead Strike, a game by @Sunx_x, but are now open-source for all!

Today I bring fourth some Quality Cursors, Hence the “Q” In “Q-Cursors”! (I nicknamed it that so developers might think its something useful/interesting when in all reality it’s some generic cursors glazed over with shading.)

Cursors w/ Office-Blue Background:

Cursors w/ Transparent Background:

You probably shouldn’t upload them to roblox as I already have and the system might flag you for some form of copyright or something, instead your free to use the ones below, or take the risks, but I mean cmon they are already there, don’t waste roblox’s storage units >:(

Normal [In Order]:

Hit Variants:

Light Variants


  • Finish Hit Variants
  • Add Light Variants
  • Add Light Hit Variants
  • Don’t mention that the “Q” in Q-Cursors really just means quality and has nothing interesting attached to the non-existent functionality of the Cursors… oops.

wow i love these! these are amazing!

Well your free to use them, they are 100% yours, literally, it’s open source, crediting is always nice but what I like more than credit is seeing them In games!

why is the radar cursor private?

Oh sorry about that, I’ll fix those right now! Remember to put them on a decal/image ui so roblox can retreive the image id, otherwise you’d only be using the decal id.