Q3sh's Portfolio

About Me

Hello there!
Q3sh, been on Roblox since 2009.
Native Turkish Translator with 6+ years of experience, contributed to many projects
• Member of Community Translator Program
• Turkish Community Ambassador
• I founded some groups, was featured on Roblox, took part in countless projects and contributed to a lot people.

Time zone: Europe/Istanbul (GMT+3)

Availability: OPEN

:exclamation: PLEASE READ BEFORE HIRING :exclamation:

Terms Of Service
  • I will not provide refunds.
  • I have the right to deny or cancel an order with reason.
  • You must pay a 30% tax if you are paying me with gamepasses.

How to contact me
If you have any questions or would like to hire me, I can be contacted through Roblox, DevForum or Talent Hub

Thank you for reading my portfolio, have a great day!