QA Team Hoodie Design 2020

Hey! I recently just created a shirt designed based on the QA Team of Roblox. This is actually a template from a mate, and I just want some opinions on it before I release it. I cut out the logo to make it transparent, and used the QA Team logo in the #public-rules channel.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT an Advertisement.

QA Discord


Opinions very well appreciated! Thanks. :slight_smile:


It’s good but I wish the font on the shirt was different then some basic font. Either way, I like it but I suggest you change the font. :+1:

Looks good to me
yeah it’s good

but you could also give the Roblox logo a bit of glow but you do you

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Ah, thanks! I was thinking the same but, I kinda like the normal default SansBold font. It fits the sleek modern design!

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That would be an interesting one! I will attempt in doing so with the best of my ability. Thanks for the suggestion! Neon logo sounds fancy.