QA Tester role on the DevForum

QA Testing is an important part of development. Maybe there should be a QA Tester role on the DevForum? This would not be something next to the name as that is usually for development roles, but this would be cool to have a QA Testing community on the DevForum.


Considering there is yet to be a single paying role for a QA tester advertised here, or any discussion relevant to QA testers, it seems like catering to a bit of a niche.


I see what you are saying, but I have a few questions, like if there would be a QA Tester role, what exactly would they be testing?

Also, the most important question is who?

Games. It’s just like the builder role. If you consider yourself part of a Roblox game testing community you could add the role to yourself.

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Just a couple days ago my friend put up a post about hiring a QA tester. It is similar to game design, there are little hiring posts about game design that pay robux or money.

Sorry to revive an old post, but I don’t think this would be a good idea as some people could get people with the role confused with Roblox QA Testers (QA Testers of Robloxia - Roblox). Maybe a ‘Tester’ role should be added instead as it is also more broad (a ‘QA Tester’ role would be like adding ‘Low-poly modeller’ as a role, ‘Modeller’ is more inclusive of others).


I dont think they should add it because its not really a talent. Everyone can just test stuff but not everyone can build or script.

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but you can improve at testing, if you have knowledge of roblox studio it would be way more helpful than an average tester, so I’d consider it a skill.