QClash "The Chat and Emote Update" - October 17th, 2018

The Chat and Emote Update

We’ve been cooking up a few updates this week to help make the game more social and expressive. As such, we’re getting early feedback for The Chat and Emote Update today!


  • Emotes are added to the game!
    • Default key for emotes is X
    • Every Clasher owns a default emote
    • Added additional emotes to the store
      • More to come here!

We won’t go into detail regarding each emote added here. Check them out in game!


  • Replaced in game chat with a custom impelementation
    • Offers the ability to chat with team
    • Announcing health or ultimate charge status will continue to update your message after its been sent

This is the first of other UX improvements coming soon!


  • Payload patch version 3 is live
    • Hopefully this will solve cases where the payload goes missing
  • Added post match sequence
    • At the end of each map, three mvps will be chosen. Good luck!

Previous update log

Play the game here: http://www.qclash.com

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