QClash "The Moderately Sized Update" - September 21st, 2018

September 21st, 2018

The Moderately Sized Update

Welcome back. Here are the changes!


  • New Payload map: Blightpeak Perch
    • Welcome to V1! More to come here!
  • When healing a player, you will see “heal-hitmarkers” when the heal target is outputting damage
  • Being near an explosions will shake your screen
  • Added hint button prompt to show Clasher details in game
  • The camera is now locked in place when using speech wheel
  • Temporarily removed ability to build deployables on the payload
  • Fixed bug that allowed players to reload and shoot at the same time
  • Fixed bug where joining mid round would show Turrets and shields as the wrong team
  • Fixed issue where sometimes Ultimate status did not reset at the end of a round
  • Improved spray appearance when overlayed in some cases
  • Cleaned up invisible walls in Castle and Tokyo
  • Fixed a few game-damning bugs that would result in an unplayable server
  • Turned on hotfix for the “A-Pose Animation Bug”


  • Air Strike
    • Targets no longer snap to enemy’s feet
    • Air Strike barrages now do damage to an area over time
      • Reduced base damage per shot from 120 to 80
    • Ammo count now updates more accurately when used


  • Scrap Cannon
    • Reduced base damage of primary shot from 50 to 45
  • Scrap
    • Extended lifetime for scrap from 12s to 24s
    • Fixed bug where Rascal could collect over 100 scrap
    • Fixed bug where Scrap count did not reset at the end of a round

Sir Knight

  • General
    • Removed base 100 AP
    • Added base 100 HP
  • Knight’s Shield
    • Reduced cooldown from 10s to 6s
    • Shield health now persist between deployments
      • Previously for every deployment, Knight’s Shield would deploy at full health
      • Currently, when deployed, Knight’s Shield will deploy at the health it was when previously stowed
      • When stowed: Knight’s Shield will regenerate health at a speed of 25hp/s
  • New Movement: Knight’s Leap
    • When activated the user will leap forward into the air, slamming their weight onto the ground.
      • Enemies within range of landing will take damage and increased knockback
      • The user will receive all incoming damage for any ally within range of landing for 4 seconds
      • The user will receive a temporary 25 AP for every ally within range of landing for 4 seconds
      • Visuals still pending
  • New Ultimate: Immortal
    • When activated; Both the user and allies within 30 units will have the lower bound of their health locked to 20% of their total health for 5 seconds
    • Damage nullified will be considered blocked by the user
    • Visuals still pending


  • Teleport
    • Algorithm redone so teleport hitbox is no longer 0 sized
      • This prevents Reaper from teleporting through small cracks in the scenery

Nothing more to say today! Thank you all for your continued support. You all make this game rewarding to play and to work on!

  • The Q-Clash Team

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