QSMT Qubes - Control your game from discord & web UI

These are QUBES

The easiest way to manage your group without being there

QSMT | Discord

What is it?

Qubes are an easy way to control your roblox game without being there


  • Joining your game every time you need to take action can be hard
  • Managing all your games bans is confusing
  • Trello is slow and hard to use

What does it have?

An easy way to log admin commands, all on a simple to use UI

Control your servers! Shutdown, shout, and more soon

Ban your players across all your games with 2 clicks

Control your game from your custom QSMT bot or from our public one

A super advanced permission system to control your qube

Please note QSMT qubes are in public beta and might have bugs


Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via live chat on our website or here on the devforum.

If you would like to take a look at our roblox module you can do so at @ QSMT Qube - Roblox or at GitHub - QSMT-Roblox/QSMT-Qubes-lua: go



This one doesn’t work.


Bad UX. Cancelling Discord access should lead to a failure to verify screen, not an Express error.


Verified twice, gives me this error now.


This post is about “QUBES”, but they aren’t released and there is no intuitive way of understanding how to join the public beta on the website.

Payments redirect to a Stripe website when you can embed them into the site directly.

Logging out prompts me to verify with Discord? Cancelling returns an Express error again.

All in all, this website should have been tested before releases there are many other UX-harming bugs than the main ones I listed above.

Overall, however, the concept is good, but the execution is flawed.

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Thanks for the feedback!

We launched qubes a few mins ago :slight_smile:
I’ll get these bugs fixed ASAP


I’ve rolled out a big patch that fixes most of these issues (including a help article)

Help article is https://help.qsmtrblx.com/qubes/how-to-create-a-qube


Just fixed the QSMT qubes creation bug, feel free to create them now

I believe you should not show stats right now, and Im sure these aren’t actual statistics. The guild members just increases by 1 every millisecond.

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These are actual stats and I can get you a link to every guild that uses a bot. The animation starts at 5000 members so its pretty slow. I’ll roll out a fix

Edit: Just so you know we have had our bot product out since june

The #resources:community-resources category is for open-sourced projects if I’m not mistaken.

If I’m not missing something, QSMT is in no way open-sourced.

Howcome I see projects that are not open source all the time and this was accepted by a moderator? I’m confused

Our roblox module is open source aswell

We’ve released a github repo for the roblox module

You can find it at GitHub - QSMT-Roblox/QSMT-Qubes-lua: go