Quality Issues With The Forum - Some Suggestions And Problems

Sometimes the format rules are not completely compatible with what you are trying to post. If we made it a “One Size Fits All” system it just wouldn’t be used as not everyone has all the information they need (Thats why they might be asking on the Forum anyway…).

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I’m replying to @AstralBlu_e and @KarzyKhaos - My suggestion was to add more flag options, so it is easier and so that it makes more sense. I don’t know about everyone, but I have backed down from flagging a few times because there isn’t really a flag option that makes sense.

True, but people should at least try to follow the format. Some people just don’t read it or ignore it.

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Well, people will still do that even if you turn the things more strict, There is a video on youtube simply saying how to become a member in developer forum easy, Even if its more strict it will still have a “easier” path.

Well you shouldnt have backed down then, when you flag a person the moderator can come there and see whats happening. There is also the option of messaging the person.

(I believe they can see messages from flags.)

Yeah, I feel like lots of people think that. It is not helping, and it might be pushing away possibly helpful developers. That’s one of the reasons I made this topic.

Yeah, I realize that, but flagging for
sometimes will not make much sense, so more flag options would be a good idea.

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Well, there are indeed “no-effort posts” in the scripting support category but it is still helpful, It helped me so much to get better.

The resources category is one of the most helpful ones and I dont really see so many no-effort posts there, most of them were really helpful and were good.

As you said, that person requested ONE of the things you listed, I believe there were somethings that you listed that couldn’t go through the PA (Just a guess.).

I guess that’s mostly opinion-based, but if something is locked, it’s probably low-effort, or does not follow some sort of guideline.

Oh so thats what you were talking about, Yeah indeed there should have more options but that option already shows that the reason is something that wasnt listed, Therefore if you didnt find the reasons above then you put in that and they see what is the problem.

I dont really see so many locked topics, I most likely see something like 2 or 3 locked topics in a day and I dont think thats a real big problem since we should expect that little ammount to break rules (Not everyone who’s ranked up is actually a good person but you cant really control that.).

Although I see your reasoning, I have to disagree with you heavily.

To begin with, the forum is a learning platform as well as a partial social platform - you are here to learn about scripting and not how to use grammar in a sentence. 90% of the time when I’m online I don’t use grammar, when I’m in a more casual mood I will not use grammar on the platform. Does this devalue the content in my message? No. For those of us who aren’t English, its also a lot harder for them to use grammar and they struggle to formulate sentences. Not everyone on the forum has the primary language of English, and their is a large sum of languages which aren’t supported by the community.

If you see this, then post approval isn’t doing their job correctly. Topics only get locked when they don’t meet the criteria for a post, not because they are in the wrong catagory. Post approval will move the topic and notify you with feedback. When someone incorrectly uses the forum, your post will be deleted or locked.

This is how most rules work, to begin the certified badge shouldn’t be a requirement and a portion of the guideline topics are their own instances (example: Rules). Either way, people are subject to the rules and they get punished according to them - if you don’t read them and get punished its their fault. I 100% bet you’ve never read the Roblox user agreement when you begun (every word of it, line by line) and yet your subject to it every second your on the platform.

What? You already get punished for this eventually. Looks like you haven’t read the broken rules matrix huh… which clearly says:

So I don’t see your points, most the systems already exist or aren’t encompassing all users from all countries or are too harsh?


Posts like them are usually locked, because people like me flag it to the moderation with the specific clauses which they violated and not because its “low effort”. It wouldn’t be fair to punish people for singular, minor infractions.

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Post approval is turned off for most of the categories that aren’t #platform-feedback sub categories.


Well that seems utterly pointless, what happens if it is off topic then - they get locked automatically *sarcasm*?

Being a recently accepted member, the only problem I faced personally was categorizing my first few topics, although it’s pretty straightforward and I rarely see topics posted in blatantly incorrect categories. Regarding the grammar aspect, I feel that some developers would rather a more casual interaction with other developers, although I make a note to myself to always type as if I was typing to my superior. However, I can agree that occasionally I do see posts along the lines of:

30 charssssssss”

Which personally annoys me to say the least. Some users seem to neglect the option to simply like a post to show they understand or they are thankful for the feedback, but these users tend to be younger or newer to the developer forum. The best action you can take to better the experience for yourself and others is to politely correct users who may be new or inexperienced with the platform and remind them to only post something if it has meaning or you need a problem fixed, and to be direct and clear. The rest is left up to the very distinct outline prompted when creating a new topic.


You can easily make a post with only ten words.


There has been some problems with trollers, but there is nothing wrong…

While I agree with the rest I disagree with the grammer part this isnt a roblox roleplay group where grammer is mandatory plus some people aren’t really that good at english.

I remember 3-5 months ago when i was giving another opportunity to the new members, i thought this quality issue wouldn’t last long, but i was wrong!

I’m already getting tired of searching for a relevant thread, or for a basic question to solve, but instead, there’re threads in the wrong category, resources that are actually copies of a youtube video, or support threads that are actually very hard to solve! (Like: hello, my script is not working, it isn’t doing anything, no errors, here is the script: …")

I’m also noticing that people is posting joke/troll threads, real threads can be found here, not going to mention who created it:

Cool Creations - i quit building

im going to quit building, because i suck at it im bad:
image here
i must quit.

If you’re quitting, why are you posting it in Cool Creations, what’s the point of quitting and asking feedback at the same time, just to feel better?

Community Resources - yeah so

everyone hates you lol idk why u are… it continues with 6 lines more of insults that i can’t mention here.

I don’t see the reason of posting it here, i consider the forum a privilege, and a resource, and trying to get banned for that is dumb.

Scripting Support - How do i make this?

I want to make an account that follow players and chat something but i don’t know how to do it, i have the current script that doesn’t work: X javascript code, thanks for reading.

This is very suspicious, why do you want to create a bot which does a scam bot’s function? I also don’t recommend you posting that, this isn’t 100% a Roblox development issue. You also asked in another thread if what you’re trying to do is allowed, you already got the solution that it is.

I’m already tired of reporting every single thread/reply that is against the forum rules.

Now, i want to give my feedback with the problems you see:

I don’t agree with this, while you need to be “professional” in this forum, i don’t see why we must use uppercase letters always, this forum is a resource.

I agree with this, i’m noticing that people is posting in #resources:community-resources for #help-and-feedback questions, sometimes people is posting #discussion threads in #help-and-feedback:game-design-support or #help-and-feedback:scripting-support, there’re also threads in #help-and-feedback:art-design-support, that belongs to #collaboration:portfolios!

I don’t think that’s necessary, you can report it to moderators instead, and with your reason of why you’re reporting it.

I’m really tired of always finding threads that have something wrong, there should be a solution for this. Otherwise, the forum will become the old Roblox Forum! Thanks for reading.

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