Quartz Lobby area

Name: Quartz lobby
Creator: Kristina

I built this under a week ago for a small commission. Please give feedback so I can polish it in case it ends up on my portfolio too.


Should I add this to my portfolio
  • Yes
  • No

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Don’t take this personally, but take it as constructive critisism: it’s incredibly bland. A lot of lobbies, and some of my favorites, have interactable games, menus, gamepass boards, all kinds of different stuff. I don’t know the type of game here, so it may be something great if the type of game is supposed to be of this nature.

I’d recommend not putting this on your portfolio, however the building aspect of it itself is not bad. I wish you the best of luck with what you do in the future.


I was only asked to do the empty lobby unfortunately, everything else you mentioned they said would be done through UI.

Guess I’ll have to find another way to replace the aging builds on my portfolio…


  • Increase the lightning’s brightness.
  • Disable CastShadow on all of these colored parts.
  • Make the spawn area a bit darker.
  • The slate texture on the walls can be changed to something like concrete or plastic.

Overall, it’s not bad! :clap:

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