Quasiducks lightning beams wont work in game

Just wondering why the lightning beams wont work in game when i click the green “Test” Button to run scripts it works perfectly fine but when i actually play the game the beams are not visible are there any solutions?
Also is this the right topic?

If the lightning is being created in a local script, then using test mode in studio won’t run the local script. Test mode is shown from the server’s perspective and not an individual client running on that server, so local scripts will not run.

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It shows in test mode not from the client.

I fixed it i just set the lighting bolt parent to be workspace.Terrain

you should really run this kind of stuff from the client, it was even highlighted as a “solution” in the original post, the reason being: Roblox servers are trash, and you could potentially adapt the quality of each beam depending on the player’s graphic setting that way.

running it on the server causes a ton of unwanted server lag which can easily ruin the experience and will delay anything else that happens Server-Side.

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Ive tried putting the code i currently have inside a local script to run on a remote event but it didnt work.

if you make it in a Local script, it’ll only work when you playtest, not when you simply run it

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i tried in play test to. (30)aa

strange, it works perfectly for me.

did you put the local script in StarterPlayerScripts?

I put it in starter gui cuase i know it runs from there aswell
(Also i cant test rn cause im currently playing a game)