Question about an Event

First off, I don’t know if this is the correct category to ask this in but,
I have a question about Bindable Events, I know what they are.
But i am confused on what cases they are useful for. For a couple months i still use Remote Events, But i really want to understand why Bindable Events can be imported, And if yes, For what?

Bindable events are useful for communication on the same level, eg same client to client or server to server. The uses of this may be communicating between scripts, or sometimes in modules for custom events.

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I know that they are used for that type of communications, But i wonder in what cases it is useful. For example if you are making a game. In what case can u use Bindable Events.

For example if I wanted to make a developer product script change the amount of currency I have in game (developer products being purchases you can make more then one time) I could use a bindable event in my developer product script to communicate to my leaderstats script saying to update the amount of currency I have. It would be easier then trying to find the leaderstats value from the player.

I’d say remoteEvents are definitely more commonly used, but bindable events still are pretty useful in some cases