Question about animating custom characters in blender

  1. What I want to do?

Hey, I am about to make an animation which will contain 2 rigs - the normal R15 rig with rigged eyes and separated head and neck if u know what I mean and second rig of skinned mesh. I tried two ways of exporting and importing animations but both of them don’t work properly…

  1. The problem.

A) The way of animating depents on using plugin
B) The way of animating depents on exporting animation as .fbx

A) I don’t have any problem with animating skinned mesh but i do with that normal rig. I used a plugin to export custom character from roblox and I imported it to blender. Then I rebuilt the rig and everything went well but when I wanted to import this animation to roblox then the custom character was in the ground as u can see here: <— That’s how it should look like
I must add that when I wanted to animate normal R15 roblox rig then everything went exellent and even when I made my custom character playing this animation. Uh

B) The model in blender was still exported with the plugin. When I tried not to use it and just export this animation as .fbx then all the rig got destroyed for some reason :

  1. How I tried to fix it?

A) So I asked animators that makes animations in blender but they didn’t know what is wrong. The one man said I should try not animating lower torso and it will fix the problem but I make animation that need to have animated lower torso and that’s why I am still looking for help and solutions. Some of the helpers asked about HumanoidRootPart but it is anchored during animating and I don’t thing that it is the problem which is due to HumRP.

B) So I tried to scale it when I was exporting animation and I set it to 0.01 and still everything doesn’t work…

I don’t know if it is important but I use Inverse Kinematics in blender.

  1. My thoughts

A) The roblox R15 rig moves correctly in blender and in roblox studio and idk if am right but I think it was exported as a .fbx from blender (if it was made in blender) and was scaled to 0.01 during exporting. I exported all meshes one by one and then I rigged them in roblox. I am really confused and I am tired of looking for solutions and I would be glad of you help me…

I’m not an expert, but I’ve found that adjusting the Humanoid Hip height property helps, sometimes, with the custom rigs, after you get them imported and setup in Roblox. This helps especially when it seems the character is being placed too far above or below the ground level.

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Character Hip height is setted properly, u can normally walk with this character etc, everything is ok, but when animation is playing character is getting under the ground.

I have to say, I’m seeing some VERY odd behavior with the Roblox animator plugin, and my new meshes, today. Studio even crashed, when trying to start animating an arm on one of my characters, and upon trying again, the whole part went out of view. I’m going to wait and see if someone reports a bug.

I experienced the same problem a couple weeks ago. All I did was make the HumanoidRootPart bigger and it solved the problem?

Are you talking about HumanoirdRootPart that is part or just Humanoid hip height? and also about hip height i think it can causing many issues when i will need to change the hip heighe during every single attack

I am talking about the HumanoidRootPart, that is the part. All I did was make it bigger and it solved the problem.

There seems to be an issue with the Humanoids HipHeight property although I’m not sure what is causing it. Replacing the Humanoid Instance with an “AnimationController” Instance will fix this issue.

But if the use of Humanoids is absolutely necessary, like @JasonTheOwner suggested, try messing with the HipHeight property. Once you found the height that is working with the animation, move the position of HumanoidRootPart up/down the same amount you had to add/subtract from the HipHeight. So if you had a HipHeight of 5.5 but had to move it down to 2, the difference is minus 3.5 studs.

Keep in mind that moving parts with Motor6D’s in them will break them (Motor6D’s are the standard instance used when creating joints for rigs). Just remember to re-attach the Motor6D’s as they were before, and make sure that the Motor6D’s name is also the same as before, this will fix the rig without issue.

Hope this helps!


I basically changed the Hip Height while running it in studio with Server/Client, but zero players, then manually edit the Hip Height on the character on the Server instance till it looks right.

My question is how do you then move that character, without a Humanoid object? do you do something with physics? It almost seems useless to not have the Humanoid there, unfortunately, so I"m redoing my character to be a true S15 implementation with 15 meshes, 15 bones, as I had all sorts of VERY odd issues going on, using 15 bones and one mesh.

Yup, if you’re using AnimationControllers you would need to build custom movement to get your character to work. AnimationControllers are usually used for models that have animations but aren’t necessarily playable characters. If you’re planning to have the model be a playable character then its best to use Humanoids since it has built in movement.