Question about ArePaidRandomItemsRestricted API

So I’ve just recently introduced a “Crate System” to my Tower Defense game for skins. You buy a crate and it gives you a random skin. These crates can be bought with the currency you earn in game by playing normally. However, you can also buy more coins with Robux, to either spend on Towers or more of these Crates. Would this technically fall under ArePaidRandomItemsRestricted? I tried reading the API about this but it just gave me a headache and didn’t answer anything. I want to know if this means I have to change the game’s rating despite being able to easily buy crates by playing the game or not.

Reading what that API does on the developer wiki, your crate system most likely does fall under ArePaidRandomItemsRestricted even if you can get the currency from playing the game as it applies to both in-game currency and Robux (which also applies in this case since you allow users to purchase the currency with Robux, even if you don’t directly buy the crate with Robux)

In that case, how does one enable this value? I read it’s a service, so do I have to do some extra coding to make it so the system falls under ArePaidRandomItemsRestricted or is it just a toggle?

It’s not exactly an API, it’s given from a dictionary that PolicyService:GetPolicyInfoForPlayerAsync() provides. There’s an example there that does use the thing you’re mentioning, but only to print, you can change it around to disable your crate system for those who have it set to true

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Alright, thank you for the help though. Stinks to lose a couple of our players in that case.

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