Question about client lagging

So I have an issue with wait() on the client.

Basically my anti-cheat messes up if a client is lagging and false flags laggy players with cooldowns.
I was wondering if wait with tick() instead of actually doing wait(10) would be more efficient for players who lag? Would it be more accurate?

I don’t know but using task.wait() is more reliable than using wait()


The truth is that no, there is always the possibility of confusing hacks with lag, so you have to use another way, if the player must advance 5 or fewer studs per second and advance further, the game returns him to the last position, it is only an example of anti-cheat.

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How is it more reliable? LIke how does it work compared to wait() that would make it better?

Also another question. Is there anyway to replace all wait()s in my game with task.wait without having to do it manually? My game has a ton of scripts and almost every script has wait() in it. :moyai:

Also another question about task.wait() would it be more effective in cases where players are laggy?

It uses a different way of waiting which is more effective.
Also, wait() is going to become deprecated.

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