Question About Console Gore Guidelines

I’ve been developing a shooter and recently it’s gained some attention, and with that attention comes some players requesting console support for the game.

The game already has controller support, but the problem is that the game has blood and gore in it.
This wouldn’t normally be a problem because there’s already a setting to toggle both of these on and off, but I know that the gore is part of what makes the game more satisfying to play, so I’ve heard.

From someone asking for console support, they said some other games; blood zone and combat warriors, get away with blood and gore despite it being against the content agreement.

So while I have no problem allowing console access to the game, I’d like to know if I should force disable the gore (examples below) or allow them to freely toggle it like everyone else.

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I’d probably say give console users a warning and an option to disable blood when they first play the game.