Question about converting X,Y,X to Width and Height

Good evening!
I’m currently designing an in-room entertainment system for a client. It will be used in a hotel/resort setting. I am having trouble converting the size of the part (size shown in x,y, and z in Roblox Studio) to Width and Height (in pixels) so I can make a custom artboard in Sketch. Here is what the proof of concept looks like on the TVs:

Here is what the UI looks like in Sketch:

Some guidance would be appreciated!


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Since the image is 3840x2160 you should just be able to set the with and height to anything with the same aspect ratio as that. (Ex: 384x216)

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How would I do that in Roblox Studio? I’m trying to resize the UI, not the TV, as the game is almost complete, and all the rooms are finished :smile:.

Well, since you are using a Decal, you will need to resize the block itself. Changing the size of the block to V3(38.4, 21.6, 0.1) should make it look perfect.

Edit: I noticed that it is rotated, so the size would be V3(38.4, 0.1, 21.6)

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Alright, thank you! I’ll pass this onto the dev to see if we can resize the TVs.

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