Question about Copyright For Cars

So I have a question. Recently a 3D modeler denied my commission because I asked him to model a Ferrari LaFerrari. He denied the commission because he supposedly doesn’t, “accept build real-world cars because of copyright.” Are we not allowed to upload real-world cars to Roblox? Could the car get a game taken down? Will I have to get original cars designed?


It is hard to say. Short answer is yes you could be taken down but only for the name that is why games like Vehicle Simulator, Ultimate Driving, etc change the name. But then again they’re usually part of a promotion and with a promotion for a company they don’t want to be liable for copy right. I find car brands don’t really care to copy right claim especially on Roblox. Roblox users have been using real life cars scenes pretty much day one. I would personally take the safe road and name them something else and maybe change the cars look a little bit. That way they cannot legally come after you because you’re following the parody law. Personally I wouldn’t take advice from Roblox users instead talk to a lawyer or someone who knows that specific field. Best of luck from John.

(Note I’m not responsible for anything that happens.)

Edit: More info of the DCMA Copy Right Laws Applying To Roblox!..

Making cars probably isnt “wrong” as ModelCreatorX made an Modela Something,but i dont remember he making a model of it,so publishing it may be wrong,but if you have it in game but its private,it may not be wrong.

This is not true, if you copy the design of a car you are still liable to copyright/trademark laws even if you change the name/remove the branding.
They probably wouldn’t care but still…

As I stated above under the parody law you can change it a bit and get away with it. Just forgot to include it there.