Question about DevEx

If, theoretically, i have 25k robux in my account from selling gamepasses from my game №1, 25k in group funds from selling gamepasses and devproducts from my game №2 and my friend will buy some gamepasses for the total amount of 50k robux (after comission), which he earned by selling gamepasses from his own game:

  1. Can DevEx consider it laundering or something like that?
  2. If i want to cash out, should i transfer earned robux from group funds to my account? Will they still count as earned after that?
  3. Does it matter if my friend gonna buy gamepasses either in group game or in game that is published on my account?

It’s case-by-case, only way to find out is applying.

Yes and yes.

Either one works, but I’d suggest straight to profile.

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