Question about filtering

So I have made a game codes system where it saves the codes and I can manually add them by editing the game, or by running a command.

I didn’t know if I should filter the code to go through the filtering system.

The codes look something like:

And for safe chatters, that would definately tag, and I ran the command and the entire message tagged. So if I were to filter it, the code would most likely turn into tags. Would I have to filter that, and if I failed to do so would I receive a warning?

Only rank 20+ can run the command.

Anyone who has a gruop rank that is above rank id 20 is someone I either know in real life, or have known on Roblox for over a year.

I know they wouldn’t do something inappropriate, so I figured that I would ask incase I had to.

All the codes can grant is free XP or Coins to keep the game active.

The codes are not directly displayed to the players, I post the codes in my communications server and on the group shout.

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You only have to filter text for specific cases:


Note the wording: “You must filter any displayed text that you don’t have explicit control over”

Would this classify as I don’t have control over if a friend uses it? I mean I am the only one who knows about the command at the moment.

I’m not sure, so I would recommend having some sort of group check before posting. But I would recommend just using regular words to be on the safest side

What if you make the server check if the one doing the command is you, and if it is then allowing it?

That would guarantee that you have explicit control over the command.

Alright. I believe rank 20+ is Underlord, Overlord, Automation (for the alt accounts of mine), the queen and king those are the only ranks that can use it.