Question about game selling

The topic is rather simple and I’m curious are you able to sell games freely on the devForums?

I mean, at the end of the day you’re basically selling all the assets that make up the game.

Because I never seen anyone sell his/her game around here.

Point black answer, no. its not allowed.


I assume no as there isn’t a designated category to sell games, we only have a category to sell single assets: #public-collaboration:public-asset-marketplace.

With that said, I have seen people hire someone to take over and manage their game for them for a percentage of the games profits.

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Adding on to what tyfor says, it’s not allowed on the roblox platform. It’s not just devforum. Selling games is against the community rules on roblox, along with selling groups.

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Thank you! I was really curious.

What would draw the line with this though? Theoretically you could sell assets individually to make up a game could you not?

I suppose you could sell individual assets to make up a game because, as far as I know, there is no where in the rules that says you specifically can’t. However this could be seen as bending the rules as you are evidently selling a game but in small chunks.

To be on the safe side I wouldn’t attempt to sell a game in anyway as it does specifically say in the community rules that you aren’t allowed to sell games:

You also cannot buy or sell Roblox games or Groups.

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Just break up the game and sell it that way

i. e sell the maps, animations, and possible scripts seperately

The answers given here are wrong. It’s perfectly fine to sell games. You cannot sell a game property, which is what the rules refer to. For example, while I can sell Jailbreak if I am the legal owner of all Jailbreak IP and legally able to sell it, I cannot sell the actual place on the website where Jailbreak is:

As developers own all the user-generated content they create, Roblox has no jurisdiction about whether or not the game is sold.

The rule is pointless because there’s not really a way to transfer ownership of a game property. I’d assume it exists because of group games, where people could theoretically sell the game property by group onwership transfers, though this should already be made obsolete by the rule against group ownership sales.


It does make sense but the most suitable thing that could happen right now is an answer that would come from someone in the support team, to decide who’s truly right.

Sure, but you aren’t going to get that. Best you can do is maybe send a PM to a support team on the Developer Forums. Customer support is clueless, so an email won’t help.

Really, just read the Terms of Service. You own all your UGC.Obviously Roblox doesn’t care if you are selling game projects. In addition, remember that games may be entirely building with absolutely no art or programming, and vice versa (so selling a map is selling a game!). It’s pretty obvious that the wording in the rules was just poor.

An rbxl file is an asset. Your maps and scripts and meshes are all assets. You can’t transfer an actual game, so the buyer would be starting from scratch with no visits, favourites, etc. but they know that.

You don’t need a Roblox staff member to read out the TOS to you again.

Along similar lines, if you get all of your group members to go to a different group and join it, that isn’t “selling a group”. The original group is still yours, albeit it with fewer members now.

Your game = the thing that the name, description, versions, translations, visits, likes, favourites, thumbnails, Dev products, DataStores etc all belong to. You cannot sell this.

Your assets = everything saved in a version of the game. You can sell this, and the buyer could create a new game and publish all of these assets in it.

The only issue is with your definition of “game”.


I have actually seen a few different forum posts regarding this matter.

The answer is actually a pretty grey area. I believe the most definite answer that has been received is that you may sell game assets (ie. Structures, buildings, models, ect.) but you can’t sell a full functioning game with scripts.

Basically you can sell “parts” of a game but not entire games itself as it infringes upon the ToS.

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