Question about group funds


To clarify:

  • I didnt spend any money on ads.

  • That group is fairly new, since it was created once my new game got released.

Shouldnt the “Sale of Goods” and group funds be the same?

thats of course minus the Group Revenue Payout.


The reason why the amounts are not the same is because you either spent or payed out 1,000 robux to someone. (You can see the -1,000)

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Thats not it though.

Why is the Total different from the Group Funds?

… But the amount of IN the group funds is 77k, not 89k.

77,818 and 89,956 is a difference of 11,478 robux, not 1,000.

So your viewing the total amount of robux your group made over the course of a year. Is your game under the group? If so does it include badges. If it does when making the badges it’s possible you were using group funds to pay for them.

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Yes. My game is owned by the group.

No. I havent created any badges, and no, I havent bid any ads.

There is no way I could’ve spend almost 12k robux without noticing.

What about sounds? Have you uploaded any sounds under the group?

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No I have not spent any group funds other than that 1k I’m 100% sure.

Hmm, that’s strange. Maybe Roblox’s sale tax?

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Those numbers are already after tax

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Oh yes, that’s correct.
Maybe, try contact to the Roblox about this?

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Is the group newer than a year? If it’s older than a year, the difference must have been caused by spending/payouts before then


The group is exactly 7 days old.

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I am experiencing the same thing, and I want to know the reason for this as well…


Huh? I thought they weren’t, just like Developer Stats funds.

Could it be that there were any Dev products or items sold that were refunded or canceled?


i think you should post this in Platform Feedback.

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So, are those just some cancelled transactions, glitched out money, or…?

Explanation would really help ngl that amount is increasing.

It went from 11k to 17k


The amount of robux lost went from 11k to 30k
… Whats going on? Can someone explain this?

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Same thing has happened to me before, have no idea why, if this is a bug its a pretty critical one as it would literally be burning away our money