Question about hiding my games from recently played

  1. I have a game where you have to vote to teleport to a game, when a player joins the game, I don’t want the game to be featured on ‘Recently Played’ so players can’t join the map of their choosing.

  2. I cannot find this anywhere, and I know this is possible because other games have done it.

  3. I have tried searching this up, but many of the methods are years old.

You can’t. Just try to figure out how to make it so if the player joins the voted map from the player gets redirected to the main game. I can’t help you on that btw.

Correct me if i’m wrong, but on how i did read this you say that you vote for map which is inside a different game, and when voted on it will teleport the players to that map, and you don’t want to show it inside Recently played, so you want to achieve something like all these others game have when they teleport you to another game e.g: Dungeon Quest, Tower Defense Simulator and etc, if yes you want to add your game as a sub game, to add a game as sub game you need to do:

Step 1:
Open up: Create - Roblox
Step 2:
Open up Configure Game:image
Step 3:
Open up Places:image
Step 3:
Press Add Places:

And add your place to there. (Remember, you can only add places to their, not games, that’s why you can choose between: Places and Games)

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Thank you for the help! :slight_smile:

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i’ve got this error.