Question about hitbox combat system

What is the most accurate way to get a good hitbox combat system? I tried raycasting and watched tutorials, but for some reason it just never works for me. The trail doesn’t show and the weapon does no dmg.

so, what is the most accurate hitbox system possible to make?

Check out this library, it’s pretty awesome.

You can set up DmgPoint’s on your weapons/attacks and then the library handles hit detection for you, now you just have to connect to the event.

Do you mean like player collision boxes or weapon hit detection?

I would avoid raycast for certain situations, it uses animation CFrames, which sometimes don’t replicate well accross the server, but it is in general good, I personally just switched to part hitboxes after much debate, and switching in between, although I use a mix of GetTouching, Magnitude, and Raycasts these days!

If that is a concern there is also this library that handles hit detection on the client. This would require sanity checks however to ensure exploiters aren’t being naughty

Im getting no dmg output when i try to set this up…not sure what im doing wrong.

How do you stop it from damaging the player? It also does dmg to me.

Or how do i make it stop doing damage to me lol text
Add the players character to the ignore list.
Check out the github it has all the examples and documentation

I’ve never used raycast or ignore list so do i just add the script to the current script or is the ignore list it’s own seperate script?

Add it to your current script.