Question about http error?

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So basically im trying to recreate somethin i saw on yt some years ago. Basically it was a system that detected in game whenever someone sent you a message on the Roblox website. Basically if youre in game and someone sent you a message. A small notificaition would tell you in game that you had gotten a new message.

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My only issue is that i only have a small experience(like 10%) with http requests/web services. I found the Message api(
). But whenever i try to send a get request to the request url it gets denied(HTTP 401 (Unauthorized))

Im sure this is some Roblox security stuff put into place so it cant get abused.

I know that its possible because like i said i saw a video showcasing a system like this some years ago. Heres the code i use to send a request btw(Test code):

local Api = game:GetService("HttpService")

local Url = ""


Any help is really appreciated. Small big anything :slight_smile: !

That API endpoint requires the ‘.ROBLOSECURITY’ cookie tied to your session.


How do i get that. Is it possible to add that somehow? or is it dangerous to try to get it?

The .ROBLOSECURITY cookie stores login data for the logged-in player, never give it away or put it in your games.


On top of this, it seems like OP won’t be able to achieve what he’s trying to do here because he would have to get the cookie for every player which isn’t a good thing to do, and is impossible unless he asks each of them to type their cookie in.

(Unless I’m understanding his intentions wrong)

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Yea the game wouldnt be an active game. It was just meant to be a showcase only i can access. Sorry for the confusuon :sweat_smile:

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