Question about HumanoidStateTypes


So I am making a ragdoll system for my game, and humanoid state types should help me a lot when activating and deactivating ragdolls.

I read up on HumanoidStateType | Roblox Creator Documentation Wiki page, and from what I can understand, the Ragdoll state should activate when the Humanoid has been hit by a fast moving object. However, I tried so many times, but I can’t activate the Ragdoll HumanoidStateType, does it even work, does the Ragdoll state only activate when I use Humanoid | Roblox Creator Documentation? (I made fast moving walls that would hit my character, I made huge falling blocks fall on my character, I tried flinging my character, but the Ragdoll HumanoidStateType doesn’t activate at all…)

Instead of activating the Ragdoll HumanoidStateType, these activate:

  • When something punches my character (flings my character) really hard RunningNoPhysics activates.
  • When something pushes my character Running activates.
  • When my character trips, FallingDown activates.

So, should I replace the Ragdoll HumanoidStateType detection with FallingDown and RunningNoPhysics detection?

Which HumanoidStateTypes should I use to detect when a player has been (for example) been hit by a fast moving car, or has been crushed by a huge falling rock (which would trip the character)?